I’ve been looking on your website but can’t find what I want, do you sell other products?

The products on our website are the ones we keep in stock, but we sell a much larger range of labels, guns and inks. If you have a specific requirement, call us on 0844 561 1702 with your query.

Should I use peelable or permanent labels on my stock?

Permanent labels may leave behind paper and glue when they are attempted to be removed. Whilst this is bad for items that are purchased as gifts, this is good for preventing fraud through the transfer of labels between products.

Peelable labels can be removed in one go, leaving behind minimal if any glue so are ideal for goods which may be purchased as gifts.

If you want peelable labels which can’t be transferred between products, then enquire about labels with security cuts.

My labels are fading, why is this?

Standard inks are not resistant to direct sunlight, so if you are displaying products in a window or outside, you will need to use a UV resistant ink.

All labels should be stored in an room-temperature, dry location away from direct sunlight.

What is an artwork origination fee?

When you order a bespoke label, we will discuss the layout. Once decided upon, we will get a plate manufactured to manufacture your pre-printed labels. The origination fee covers the cost of making this print plate. We don’t charge a fee for designing the plate.

If you order more labels in the future, we will re-use your plate. That’s why the fee is a one-off cost.

Help! My labels aren’t sticking.

Usually, the reason for this is purchasing more labels than you can use in a year. We guarantee labels for a year, providing they are kept at room-temperature, dry and out of direct sunlight. Try not to buy more labels than you can use in a year.

Alternatively, there are some surfaces which certain labels will struggle to stick to. We supply many different adhesives for sticking to meat, for resisting the elements outdoors, or for going in a freezer. If you’re not sure which adhesive is right for you, just ask us.

I have a ______ labelling gun, which labels should I buy to fit?

Check out our compatibility guide or drop us a call. 0844 561 1702

Don’t know which gun you have? We can often identify it over the telephone by asking you questions.

How long does it take for my personalised labels to arrive?

It takes 2-3 weeks for your labels to be manufactured and dispatched.

We only keep stock of popular labels though if you order over a million at a time, speak to us about keeping your labels in stock for immediate dispatch.

If this is your first order, then the 2-3 week timescale begins after you have approved the label design.

Still have questions unanswered? Call us and we’ll try our best to answer any questions you have.