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Judo 26 Food Labelling Gun Review

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Manufactured by Sato, this gun uses the popular and reliable Judo model. A tried and tested build design, ink and label loading makes little changes from the other Judo models we already know and promote as one of our best sellers.

Band Layouts

Band Layouts

This label gun has a couple of unique lines. The top band can show any one of pre-set phrases: DEFROSTED, READY, USE BY, OPENED, BAKED, REFRIGERATED, DISCARD, DECANTED, MANU DATE, PULL, COOKED, FROZEN, DISPLAY.

The bottom line can show a date (with or without a time) a metric weight or a price.

Alternate Layout

An alternate model replaces the top row with another set of characters, identical to the bottom row. This is good if you need to show two different sets of data, such as a date/time on the top and a price on the bottom, but you would need a pre-printed label to show what the date/time means e.g. “Best Before”

Print Examples

Print Example

To the right you can see an example of the gun printing a Defrosted date and time.

The text is clear and contains a lot of data. It shows the date, am or pm and an exact time, to be as accurate as possible and reduce the chance for misreading.

Below is a Use By date. Note how the dots have to be displayed when printing a full date.

Print Example

Both labels featured here are part of the Date Right labels range.


What we like

  • Made with food labelling in mind.
  • Top band phrases allow for many applications, saving money on buying different pre-printed labels.
  • Being able to show a time with a date on a single line.
  • Looks great with Date Right labels.

What we didn’t like

  • Lack of “Best Before” on the top band
  • Weight labelling seems like an afterthought